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The Medicine of the Virgo Sun Nourishes and Heals Deep Within Us

Grace ~ Health ~ Vitality

Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.


Each month is steeped in beautiful insights, wisdom and support.  Let's Begin...

Month: September                                 Element: Earth

Sign: Virgo                                             Ruling Planet: Mercury/Chiron

Archetype: Medicine Woman                Mantra:  "I Serve

The Medicine Woman archetype is governed by the zodiac house of Virgo, and holds the essence of the healer; the keeper of healing traditions.  The Medicine woman passes down wisdom from generation to generation, and embodies and transmits oral traditions such as myth, song and ritual.

The Medicine Woman as the Messenger of the Gooddess


Strength. Intuition

Reliable . Humble

Patience . Wisdom

Love . Compassion

Level-headed . Authoritative

Clear Boundaries . A Natural Leader


Cold . Critical

Pushy . Righteous

Desire to Control . Inability to Say No

Lack of Self-Love . Forcing Outcomes


This card speaks to introspection.  A willingness to be present with oneself, without distraction, and take a long, hard look at the deeper truths that reside within.  No frills... and no fuss.  The bare naked truth.  Before we can be a "messenger of the Goddess" or the "messenger for healing," we must be willing and able to rest deeply in and come face to face with The Truth and reflect that Truth in Love.  In this, the healer is born, because the healer understands that he/she is purely a vessel... a "messenger," of Love.


New Moon in Taurus - I Will Never Let You Go

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Happy New Moon in Taurus!


​I recently came across a newsletter discussing the energy of the Taurus New Moon. In essence, she was communicating that, at this time, in the astrological medicine wheel, it is important for us stay the course. To take a pause in those moments of impulse, and decide whether movement or stillness is the best action. As, sometimes we move, to run away from the discomfort when, perhaps, the real movement takes place in being present with what is... and trust in its own evolution.

A New Moon Invitation: For the next two weeks of the waxing Moon...


For 5 minutes a day (longer if so inclined), sit with yourself. No distractions. No TV. Phone. Music. Food. Book, (you get the drift). Notice if there is discomfort, a desire to want to do something. See if you can sit with that feeling. Notice what it feels like if you allow yourself to just be.

Psyche (Mind): WATCH THE MIND​

​Are your thoughts a deliberate attempt to distract or avoid something/someone, for example, that will not let you go?


- Light a candle

- Create an Altar with items that are grounding, earthy, and supportive.

- Place something on the altar that asks you to not let go. Desires your attention.

--- Anything from a checkbook, to a bill, to a picture/item of someone

- Sit with it. Be with it. Allow it to have your attention - even if challenging and uncomfortable.

- Reflect. Meditate. Contemplate.

- Write about your reflections and feelings being with the discomfort

- Read those reflections and feelings everyday until the full moon

- Full Moon, May 29, burn what you wrote, and offer it to Pachamama, Mother Earth! 

If you choose to do any/all of it, have fun! There is so much wisdom in play. So play with the new moon energy. Feel her rhythms and subtle pulse. And if you are interested in participating in my new Virtual New Moon Rituals, starting in June, join me. We can journey in ritual play, together!


Tisha M. Ford

L.I.F.E & Wellness Coach; Yoga and Meditation Facilitator

Energy Worker; Urban Priestess

Embrace the moment...

New Moon Ritual - The Midwife

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New Moon Ritual: Setting Intention

Trust Intuition

​- ​An invitation to start fresh

​- ​Call in intentions

​- ​Set the tone and prepare for coming weeks

- Create a Sacred Space 

- Create an altar that reflects your intention

This the New Moon in Capricorn, and in the Priestess tradition, it represents the Midwife Archetype

The midwife births ideas into the world.  She is strong, open, solid , clear, patient , realistic, ambitious, pragmatic, competent, consistent, dependable, commited, resourceful, grounded, pays full attention, powerfully embodied, never abandons ship, and is grace under pressure.

- Find images/objects that represent the midwife or qualities of the midwife you'd like to call-in.  

- Crystals associated with the midwife:  citrine, purite, tiger's eye, green jade

- Deities associated with the midwife:  Artemis, Athena and Laksmi

Next Steps:

- Sit in front of altar and drop into your breath (observe the natural breath)

- Begin to write in journal - a new page symbolizing a fresh new start

- Write your vision for the next moon cycle

    - List key intentions you'd like to see manifest ("I AM" STATEMENTS)


    - Write a poem or creative story that is reflective of your intentions


     - Draw or create a collage of your vision/intentions

Design your intentions in a way that feels the most potent, AND DREAM BIG!

Close with a short Meditation or Prayer or an Inspirational/Aspirational reading.  

Keep your creation (writing, drawing, etc.) out on your altar during this moon cycle or in view so you can see it every day.  

Make it a point to spend time with it, everyday, as if reinforcing the intention (energy), and maintaining a continual dialog with the universe of your commitment to these intentions.  

Best to conduct this ritual within 48 hours of the New Moon!