From Dirt to Divine: Chapter 3

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From Dirt to Divine: Chapter 3

I never liked the month of February. For the longest time, it just felt, to me, like this interim month between the excitement of the New Year and the official March toward Spring.

Not even Valentine’s Day and the prospect of getting a little extra lovin’ from a significant other, ignited any spark of appreciation for February.

Until Now…

I looked to the stars, the cosmos, the ancient traditions, and their mythopoetic stories and, suddenly, February’s big and beautiful heart beat with such passion and poetry, that my big, beautiful heart, followed suit. So let me share the great wonder that is February…

February holds the beautiful astrological sign of Aquarius - The Waterbearer, the Visionary, and Humanitarian to the core. Community and Collaboration are what drives this archetype, and its those who embody her/his essence (not necessarily only those who are born into this sign), who see beyond what IS … to what’s POSSIBLE. They are plugged into a great Conscious Wisdom. Think Einstein!

From a Mythopoetic perspective, it is said that the Aquarius (air sign) became the water-bearer as a result of Zeus, the God of Thunder, taking a young prince, Ganymede, because of his extraordinary beauty, and making him his cup bearer (one who pours all the drinks). After some time, Ganymede was made immortal by Zeus who then transformed him into the constellation of stars. The mortal prince becomes the immortal power looking down to the people from the heavens above. This is the story of our own divinity and capacity to share our wisdom for the greater good of the whole. 

IMBOLC, is the first of 3 fire festivals that call in the active power of the sun, and rests in early February. Imbolc is emergence, stirring of the earth, sexual energy awakening, and life force is surging. Imbolc represents the beginning of bloom - the bud beginning to push against the earth, feeling the sun extending its stay one moment at a time! What an extraordinary time! Ah February!

Dirt and Divine - Chapter 2

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I recently finished a project that took me on a psyche/soma (mind/body) whirl~wind. If you could imagine a car or a house swirling around the wide and vicious arms of a tornado, knocking against other flailing objects, and replace that car or house with me — so it was.

It didn’t begin that way. No! It began with a “WANT” being manifested. I visioned the job (which led me to this particular project) into manifestation. It was months in the making. And wallah! The universe answered with what looked to be the perfect fulfillment of my “WANT.”

Then this deceptively beautiful eye locked me in her gaze. Before I knew it… I was in the midst of a devastating storm. This storm’s grip was tight and relentless. No matter how much I fought to free myself, Her resolve to engulf me prevailed.


‘Fear and Loathing’ thundered, and opened my Pandora’s box of triggers and old wounds, lighting me up like a pinball machine. ‘Fear and Loathing’ everywhere I turned. I blamed everything - from the Sun to the Moon - for feeling this way. All this work I have been doing on myself - for this? This wasn’t what I asked for? This most definitely wasn’t my ‘WANT.’




Somewhere in the endless cycle of this big fat metaphorical tornado swirl, Mick Jaggers’ voice began his lyric swirl in my brain “You can’t always get what you wa-ant. But if you try sometiiime, You just might fiiind ….You get what you nee-eed!” As if tickled by a little pink feather, I felt an unsuspecting smile deep within. Inspired by the words of a friend, ‘I felt my organs smile.’ I mean, for one, a damn Rolling Stones song woke me up like no meditation practice, yoga posture or lecture could, and two, it gave me permission to relinquish and surrender. Even within the destructive nature of the experience, I found peace. I found the calm within the storm. It was a Deep. Painful. Perfect Acceptance; which then opened me to an even Deeper. More Painful. Perfect Mission of Self Discovery.

It was the transition from the Lady of Balance archetype (sign of Libra) to the Queen of Death Archetype (sign of Scorpio). It was moving me more deeply into the darkness, baring witness to my shadows and being willing to see the dark face of Priestess Tisha.


All the “Work” was preparing me for this storm. This “project.” Growth manifests from discomfort and the willingness to, lovingly, see, embrace, walk into, and surrender to the insights and healing awaiting us in dark phases of our moon.


Awakened Heart Tribe Newsletter Vol 1

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"If you are grateful for everything,

then what you have is enough"



Greetings Awakened Heart Tribe!


In the early morning hours of Thanksgiving 2016, I find myself wide-eyed and pierced with intense thoughts and focused energy about what is around the corner. What is NEXT! Am I prepared? Am I preparing myself to be prepared?


Wow! Typing those last two sentences proved to be exhausting!




A whiff of the stuffing and french onion soup my mother began cooking earlier, lingers in the air. I feel the breeze from the ceiling fan above me cooling my fingers as I type. I hear the languid sounds of “Soundscapes” almost willing me away from my tippy toes and gently guiding my heels to the ground.




Now both feet are firmly planted. My thoughts have slowed and my energy is all sweetness.




And I am grateful. That, indeed, is enough����