About MayaWakening?

Compassion & Service

Tisha is a 650+ hour certified Yoga instructor with certifications ranging from restorative yoga to yoga nidra (conscious relaxation). She is trained in trauma sensitive yoga and meditation and is also certified/ trained as a Life Coach, Creative Grief Coach, and as a "New Life Story Methodology" coach. As a passionate student of the power and wisdom flow of energy she is also trained/attained certification as a Polarity Wellness practitioner, Yoga Vidya practitioner, and Sound Healing facilitator (energy practitioner).  

Sound Healing facilitator (energy practitioner).

Tisha has had an eclectic career ranging from a professional dancer to an executive in corporate america. She has always, however, gravitated toward a life of service, motivating and inspiring others to explore their full potential. Her journey has been and continues to be the manifestation of her desire to share in a compassionate exchange of ideas, energy and conscious living within a comprehensive and holistic mind/body/spirit system.

Her background contributes to her teaching style and philosophy, which is to honor the individual and support the individual's journey on and off the mat. 

The MayaWakening Experience

Tisha brings a calm, grounded, nurturing presence and challenges herself to not only teach a class, workshop, or guide a client through a coaching session, but to create an experience.

Tisha is committed to providing her clients/students with the highest level of commitment to of her time, her presence and her craft.

Check back often for new updates and offerings. There’s much more to come!


Atmananda Yoga Center

200hr Yoga certification


300hr Yoga certification

85hr Prenatal (Postnatal) Yoga certification

40hr Yin Yoga

20hr Restorative Yoga

20hr Yoga Nidra

20hr meditation training

Pure Yoga

100hr meditation training w/Yogi Charu

100hr Yoga Therapeutics

Sound Healing Training

Coaching Training

Life Coach Certification

Health Coach Certification

Creative Grief Coach training

New Life Story training

Energy Healing

Polarity Wellness Educator

Prana Vidya

International Academy of Sound Healing

Sound Healing Certificate

Additional Trainings/

Areas of Personal study

Yoga/Buddhist Philosophy

Positive Psychology Goddess/Priestess studies